How do I make my static turret fire in 5 round bursts...

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  • Ive tried to make a static turret fire 5 shots in quick succession (0.3sec intervals between each shot) and then pause for a 3 second cool down before firing another 5 round burst...

    I've tried to do it using instance variables and timers. It works for the first 5 rounds, but I can't get it to pause and then fire another 5 rounds.

    Can anyone help me fix this?

    capx link

  • Bump.

  • That was a pretty simple thing to accomplish..

    Have you tried something like this.......

    Took me all of 1 minute to do this

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  • I had troubles with your capX. Its like the frames did't get refreshed. I have no idea why.

    I hope someone will solve that for me.

    So i made a totaly new capX. Since your question is about the timer, that should be no prob.

    Here goes:


    The secret is this: never burry triggers deep down in events. They trigger, no matter the conditions. And you lose control.

  • Hi guys. Thanks for your replies, they were very helpful. I kept working on it and I now have my turrets working exactly how I want them.

    fixed capx

    I wanted to be able to vary the attributes of individual instances within a layout. Doing it this way I can control the following attributes for each turret instance:

    -The direction the turret fires (to left or right of screen)

    -The number of shots fired in each burst

    -The pause between shots

    -The pause between bursts

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