How do I static background that engulfs my game screen

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  • Hi all, hope you are (all) ok!

    I am new to construct and I admit I find it way more difficult that I thought it would be. I am trying to make a static tv set like background and center my game inside it. Or in other words, how to make my game not start at upper left corner and center the layout. Any ideas?

  • try making the layer size, layout size, and project Window Size match?

    and maybe reducing the margins to zero?

  • I did these but still can't make a static background (or anything for that matter) "hug" my whole game screen like a frame. Thank you though for taking the time to respond.

  • maybe set parallax to zero like Ashley did for the HUD in the tutorial

    i just tested this and have uploaded noscroll.capx for you to test. Is that what you mean?

  • Not exactly. Picture a painting, literally a painting. There is a frame, and the painting itself. I want to have say 50 pixels wide borders that picture anything I want and inside them the game. Is that possible or do I have to manually set the playing area to be inside of the frame?

    Again, really awesome you went through all this trouble, I appreciate it.

  • still not sure i get it. so this what i tried. i inserted an object called it frame. stretched it to frame the layer. added the solid behavior to the object. this didn't work with my touch screen movement as it was so i added 8 direction behavior to the player and now the player is restricted to inside the frame. i also added bound to layout to the player which may not be necessary with the frame around it. take a look at the attached.

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  • That is actually far more relative to what I wanted as a result. I would prefer of course a way to make the frame a graphical asset that lies outside of the game area, while still being visible. That is some kind of a solution though, and once again I thank you for it

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