State machine and transitions troubleshooting

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  • I posted last week about on key pressed/down/released here and got quick and helpful answers, but in the end I wasn't able to solve the real problem I was trying to solve.

    I am trying to build a state machine for a 2d platformer animation set, based on the Platform behavior but elaborated with transition animations between states. I had made a descent bit of progress with the Default keyboard controls, posted here:

    Default controls.capx

    I was testing the behavior with a simple stand-to-run/turn-to-run/run-turn-to-run depending on current state and facing (mirrored or not) and the above example works exactly as I intended.

    But when I switched to non-default controls for WASD/Gamepad, I ran into problems. Now turning-while-running is broken while going left-to-right as is stand (facing right) to run-left. The newer, broken capx is here:

    Non-default, broken controls.capx

    The problem still seems to be in detecting when something is pressed/down/released but I'm certainly still missing something.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

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