How do I start troubleshooting this cordova export issue (android works, IOS doesn't)?

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  • Hi all,

    I used a cordova export to build an .apk file for Android and asked an IOS developper to do the same for the.Ipa file for IOS (I don't have a mac or Xcode) using this guide.

    Everything seemed to run smoothly, however after publishing it on our internal app store we noticed that the IOS app isn’t behaving as expected; Some of our content isn’t loading on the IOS app.

    According to the IOS developper who did the IOS build, it also behaved that way before the .ipa file generation. Though, the same build did work for the build of the .apk file.

    I'm not sure where I need to start to troubleshoot the issue or how to fix it. Can you guys point me in the right direction? Could this be an issue with the construct 2 export or with cordova?


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