Start moving the ball once it is kicked.

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  • Hi guys, I'm still a newbie with C2 and probably this is going to be a basic question, I'll really appreciate your help.

    I have taken back my penalty shotout game and I'm kind of stuck with it, I need to make the player kick the ball and I have set a click event for this, so after the mouse is clicked the shooter animation begins and when the animation reaches the frame number 5 I need to start moving the ball towards the goalie. Actually there will be an object moving around the goalie and the ball must follow the object (its an aim), I know i will need to add some physics as well to simulate a real kick.

    My question is, how may I move the ball towards this object, I have tried several ways but I just make the ball disappear when it exists the stage.

    Once again guys thanks a lot for your help.

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  • You should probably post a capx of what you already have so far, it will make it easier to give you a precise answer.

  • Thanks a lot for your reply Kyatric, as you will see I'm just starting the project and theres a lot of things that I would need to figure out, for the momento I just want to kick the ball directly to the aim, please also note that I also need help on how to make the aim automaticaly all around the goal area, like a random target, and then throw the ball there (I'll figure out how to play a random animation of the keeper. Thanks again and here is the file:

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