How do I make on start of layout wait?

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  • Hello World,

    How the heck do I get a bunch of "on start of layout" events to wait untill the events that load my game finish? Seriously, I tried everything, signals, functions, wait, groups with enable/disable, variables&extra conditions, etc. nothing seems to work...!!!!!!!!!! I'm at the end of my rope and my frigging nerves here....

    So please take a look at the screenshot below(click on it to enlarge) and tell me is there any way I can get events 6 and below to wait and ONLY start working after the first 5 events have FULLY finished? And please don't forget to take into account that the first 5 only get triggered once when you start the game.

    Thank you.

    LE: This just poped into my head. I suppose one workaround would be to cut the first 5 and paste them into another empty layout with it's own event sheet and add at the end of em "go to layout main". Then change the project properties to make this "Loading" layout the first one.

    I guess this would work, right? But seriously, is there no better/easier/more logical way?

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  • One option I see is to remove those commands from the On start of Layout, and move them to something that only triggers after the above events had loaded. You could also make a Loading Layout too I guess

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