How do I start Layout after Images and globals are loaded?

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  • I have created a memory that loads the sprites from the server during runtime.

    I can start the layout of the game after the trigger: On All Animations Loaded ( I use rex's animation loader behavior)

    Now I add an array that loads Globalvariables from a json data file.

    Now I need wait for BOTH, the animation loaded and the Ajax completed trigger.

    Can anyone tell me how to do this?

    It is probably simple, but I just don't see it ....

  • Make a global variable. Add 1 to it when the images load and add 1 again when the globals are loaded. Go to layout when that variable = 2

  • Thanks, that's fast

    that seems like an easy solution.

    How can I "go to layout"?

    Is that what the "trigger once when true" is meant for?

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  • You don't need a trigger once, because once you go to the layout it will shift to the new layout event sheet, so, it won't probably be checking for the conditions, unless you use one event sheet for both layouts, you won't need it.

    Go to layout is a System action, you'll find it inside the System folder. There's one action with a droplist with all the layouts so you pick one or you can use Go to layout (by name) and type it in the box.

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