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  • Hi everyone,

    I know the subject title is very weird but couldn't find a better way to explain it. My problem is I am making a platformer game and at the start of each level I need to destroy a lot of objects which are either being created or spawned during game play. Seems I also need to keep those sprites in the work area otherwise construct2 always gives errors when previewing the game.

    What happens is when I test in mobile it always creates a slow gameplay or either a freeze at the start of a level which is very disturbing for the player. Are there any other ways of avoiding this situation. I have like pause menus, In App Purchases Menus, Game Over Menus and things that are spawned during gameplay such as when you hit a crate it spawns other parts of crates to give the destroyed effect. Or I have like blood splash effects etc. They are all in my viewport when I design the level.

    Another problem I am facing is to optimize the levels I disable the collisions for my tiled floors and make them enable when they are on screen. And for the enemies I disable the platform behaviour and make it enable when they are on screen. what happens is sometimes the platform behaviour of the enemies seem to be enabled right before they are on screen so they either fall down or get stuck inside the platform. I wonder if there is a way to avoid this.

    I really would appreciate your advice and help


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