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  • Hey everyone, Haven't been here in awhile. Used construct awhile back and didn't do much with it. But now I'm pumped about making some games!

    anyways... I'm doing research to see if Construct 2 fits what I need to do. So far it does but one question I have and can't find an answer for is, can it produce standalone applications. As in, one you download from a site and play. Not just in browser. (I know about all the platforms it can publish to.)

    Also, is construct idea for making multi level games..example, super Mario world? Where you play from level to level and save progress in between.

    Thank in advance,

    and thanks for actually taking the time to post reply. Been on some forums lately where people are just plain out jerks. I don't understand why you post in a forum just to be rude and not help.

  • When you Export, scroll down and you'll see Desktop: Node-Webkit. That is the desktop export.

    You can certainly do level-based/save-progress games.

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  • Thanks.. I think construct will work nicely.

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