Srolling Background or Scrolling Sprite?

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  • WOW!

    I must have looked at over 100 posts...

    I have a black background and would like to have a layer of numbers on top of that to continuously scroll vertically. I looked at one example but they had 5 layers.

    Should I be using multi-parallax, parallax scrolling or as one example posted an transparent background with the scrolling object as a sprite? I've tried but can't get the numbers to scroll.

    Thank you for any help.

  • You just want a layer of numbers to scroll continuously?

    What's it for? I ask because this seems pretty simple.. so I'm guessing that i'm missing some info..

    don't need to worry about setting an scroll object, you can just manually set the ScrollY each tick to move upwards

    System | Set ScrollY to ScrollY-(dt*speed)

    if you want other layers to remain still just set their parallax to 0

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  • Thanks for the reply keepee,

    The game will be a type of drop ball, but with added gameplay. The 1st layout will be a black background (layer 0) with scrolling machine numbers (0 1). The other layers (2 more) will be the sprites.

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