Sprites set to invisible w/ disabled solid but wont stay.

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  • Here is the file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xb8modfxipt82 ... .capx?dl=0

    I set the global variable randomPlat to 1 to make the platform zero invisible. This number will be change at random at a later date.

    The issue is that I successfully make platform 0 disappear off screen (the game will be 400 wide, but it's set to 800 so I can see what's going on), but will become solid and visible when it enters game play area. There is nothing in the code that says it should do this. What's happening?

    I do have it set so when it hits the wormhole (the hidden sprite on the left side) that it becomes a solid and is visible but other than there, there is nothing that should make it do any of this before then.

  • I did not under stand properly

    if you want to hide a sprite when you are working and want to set visible when game is playing

    then set opacity to 0

    or in event sheet set

    on start of the layout >> set opacity 100


    but if you want to do reverse of it then nothing you have to do is just set (from sprite's property) initial visibility to invisible

    I hope you are asking about like this

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  • In Event 10-11-12 actions are actually setting PlatZero instead of PlatOne, PlatTwo, etc...

    Learn to use instances instead of new object types, it will be far easier to handle things and have a cleaner and smaller code in the long run.

  • OMG, KYATRIC. I have copied, pasted, and deleted so many times I didn't even realize that. Thank you so much.

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