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  • Hi all,

    I have three main items (a,b,c) in my layout. I need scale down and increment the distance among them, on every new stage that user start.

    The thing is, each of these main items is conformed with 4 or 5 sprites ("a" has 4 sprites, "b" has 4 sprites, "c" has 5 sprites).

    How can I scale these main items (a,b,c) without change relative distance on its sprites?

    I'm coming from ActionScript, and in that case I can have "sprites of sprites" (sprites within other sprites) a then scale/move the "parent" sprite, works to solve this.

    Is in C2 any kind of "sprite of sprites" ?

    So, my initial approach was using distinct layers (one layer for each "a", "b", "c") and scale the layer, but I have many issues when scale the layers and with scroll.

    Thanks in advance!


  • There is "Family"   I think you can stuff all your sprites under a family and scale the family.

  • How have you "conformed" the sprites?

    Are you using pin behaviour or set to imagepoint?

  • lennaert, I think the scaling isn't the problem, the relative position of the sprites to eachother is, but there's no way to give a solution without knowing how the relative position is obtained in the first place.

  • Yup..though, he can move/scale the family :) as he requests.

    Onn the other hand, having it pinned might be the better option.

    although, as a suggestion, he came from actionscript....

    He might find "Spriter" and the spriter plugin a delight :)

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  • Thanks guys!

    lennaert: Ok, great, I'll try with "family" and take a look to "Spriter".

    LittleStain: I'dont use the pin behavior, maybe i'm confused but i understand the "pin", just fix de relative position (fix just on movement) but no apply to scale. please correct me if i'm wrong


  • I'm not asking what you don't use, but what you do use?

    if you are using pin behaviour or every tick set to imagepoint it should be no problem scaling all the sprites and keeping them in the right relative position to eachother.

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