Sprites Overlap with animations!

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  • Greetings there! ^.^

    What an amazing forum full with all u people helping the new beginners!

    Well i thought i'd ask for help here after trying to search for it and solving it on my own for like 3 hours.. Well the problem is;

    I have inserted a sprite into the game with many different animations - however the problem is - when i press D to move right and A to move left and left mouseclick to attack - WHILE holding D or A and pressing the mouse click it ignores the attack and keeps on running. Only way to press the mouse button to attack is if the sprite is standing still (not holding A or D) - any help?

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  • I want the D to keep moving Right BUT when i press the mouse click it should interrupt the moving - but yet again keep moving AFTER the animation with the attack is finished.

  • Try this.

    It is for 4 way movement but I am sure you can adapt it. As for starting to move after the animation I would suggest a flag that is essentially sets a value to 0 when the direction button is pressed and another event that sets it to a 1 when the button is released. Then create an event that checks for the flag after the attack animation has finished playing and starts the movement back up if it equals 0, something like that.

  • Thanks alot!

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