2 sprites of same family collide smaller one destroyed

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  • Okay, I've searched around and am really struggling with this game. I am making a game where you are a caveman and you can ride a smaller dinosaur. The dinosaur can eat eggs to get bigger, then can eat other dinosaurs if it's bigger than them.

    I want the other dinosaur drones to be able to eat each other too. How can I have 2 dinosaurs of the same family collide, then the smaller one gets eaten, and the bigger one gets a little bigger? Is this possible, or do I need to do it all individually and write a eating script for each individual dinosaur?

    Thanks for any help you can give.

  • Which part are you struggling on?

    I'm not 100% sure of details about objects/families colliding with one of their own but have seen several tutorials/threads on it.... here is one

    Once you get the 'picking' sorted out it should be straightforward, right?

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  • Give them family instance variables where 1 is small, 2 is bigger, 3 is biggest or something. When they collide compare the variables, whichever is bigger destroys the other one.

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