Sprites disappearing behind lower layers

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  • Hello everyone.

    I was wondering if you guys with your expert knowledge could help me. I'm looking to make a little game in the free version of Constructor 2. Unfortunately I'm having some difficulty and I'm not very smart with this software :(

    I'm making a scrolling game with a dude who's supposed to shoot stuff as they come past, as well as jump over stuff etc.

    So I've got the background sorted perfectly how I like it, however when I fire the player's gun, the bullets move along and explode, as taken from the ghost hunter tutorial. However when fired from the left of the screen, they disappear behind the new sprites that are being generated from the right hand side (the back walls). This only seems to happen when the sprites are freshly generated and when they've been on screen for a split second they start to work properly.

    I've tried using two different sprites that alternate but the problem persists, and I can't seem to resolve it. I've even tried using two different layers but that didn't help either.

    Does anyone have any advice? Any would be appreciated...


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  • I couldn't replicate the issue you're describing. All the bullets looked fine on my pc. It might be your browser's fault - check on other browser or update the one you have.

    Although I have run into an issue that every 20-30 seconds I am loosing control of the sprite (it is jumping up and down a little bit then).

  • Hey guys.

    As I said above, the sprite had to be on screen long enough to allow the bullets to pass in front of it. However after calculating how far back I needed to move the spawning object away, I changed it's position in the properties bar (as this would be too far away from the screen) and it works a treat.

    Not sure if I made any sense but if this helps anyone then great.

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