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  • Is there an option to create a spritefont with 9patch type scaling ability. I have a couple of spritefonts that have to scale to different sizes in different scenarios. When they are small they look too sharp and you see the hard edges and when they are bigger, they look dull and blurred .Other words they don't look good unless they remain at a scale of 1. I think i remember seeing a similar topic before but i can't seem to find any.

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  • You're talking about two distinctly different concepts here: 9patch objects don't actually scale, they just collect together a number of smaller sprites in a particular arrangement to create the impression of scaling. It's tiling more than anything.

    If you want Spritefont objects to look crisp when they're large, it's better to "render" the font at a higher size initially, and then scale it down as necessary in the layout view or at runtime.

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