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  • hello all.

    i know this is a dumb question but i dont know where to find others spritefonts free to use than the one already in place in construct2,

    and i dont know how to configurate it. please could someone give me a few hints/links ?

    the best would be of course a CAPX with others sprtiefonts !

    thanks you fo yours answers. !

  • Hi I don't know about your first question, where to find read-to-use free sprite fonts. As you'll see below, you only need a grid of characters. You can google images of "font sprite sheet" and might get lucky.

    For your second question [quote:3h8wcbvg]i dont know how to configurate it

    which part don't you understand? From the manual:

    [quote:3h8wcbvg]The Sprite Font object uses an image to display text. The "sprite font" is the object image, which contains a grid of every character that can be drawn.

    Edit: see the link provided in the next post. I didn't know you could set width per character. Thats cool.

    So, all you need is a grid of all the characters you want. Each character must be the same height and width. And you specify the height and width in the properties. You also need to put the available characters in the Character Set property. So if you only have the characters A-F and W-Z (for some reason) you would put ABCDEFWXYZ as the character set.

    [quote:3h8wcbvg] please could someone give me a few hints/links

    Hope that helps.

  • Even better

  • thanksyou !

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  • i found a a program called spritefont2 which is used to make spritefont for XNA. it allow you to export the "metrics" of the font your using. its .xml

    i think it would be awesome if we could use that, so we dont have to to the letter by letter spacing in events.

    i think im gonna try monospace font, because at this point it seems a bit fastidious to do it with a real font with different spacing.

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