How do I make Sprite wait "X" amount of time

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  • Hi,

    I'm trying to create a simple blink animation for one of my characters. How can I set it so that the Sprite displays animation "1" which is eyes wide open and then for example every 10 seconds to play animation "2" which would be the blinking animation and how can I have this set to loop?

    Or another way would be to have my various different facial expressions layered behind each other and set their visibility to visible after certain amounts of time have passed.

    Many thanks.

  • Hi mist

    Your character will move (walking / running) or be static while his eyes blink?

  • Hi,

    The Sprite will be a draggable object, but essentially will be static. I just need the character to express a few different facial expressions. I have created various different graphics for this and wonder what the easiest way to display them would be.

    To layer them all behind one another and show them with the visibility property, or create a sprite sheet and show the various different frames and time intervals..etc

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  • So you can use the image editor for this. Create an animation with the two main frames (open/closed eyes), define a different speed for each one (10 for the open eyes and 1 or 2 for the closed eyes) and enable the loop option of the corresponding animation. You can create an animation for each facial expression that you need. Good luck.

  • Wonderful. Thank you very much for your advice..

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