How do I sprite variable to family variable?

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  • K, now construct is just being stupid.

    I can't compare a variable to a variable in a family, when I type in condition object variable = to family variable, it says the variable doesn't exist, because I didn't type in for the family a specific variable.

    but the sprite in the family has the variable.

    NOW, when I go to type the same variable name in the family it says '' sprite in this family already has this variable'''

    WELL WHICH IS IT?! why can't I just compare a variable to a variable in the family? if a sprite is in the family and i compare a variable to the family why doesn't that just work? and if not why won't it let me type the variable in the family if it says it is already in use?


    Devs you DORKS, why did you over complicate this? How did you mess up comparing variables? This isn't that complicated.

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  • And another thing, I can't add something to a family and take it out of a family with code? these things are permanent? what if I want something to switch factions or something. just stupid, STUPID, the way this is made >_<

  • Variables that are common to all types in a family don't become family variables. To make it a family variable you'd have to create another family variable with a different name, then go through your events and change them to ref the family var instead of the old one. Finally you can delete the old vars and rename the family one to what you want.

    Construct Classic kind of used the common variable idea instead, but it had issues.

    Not being able to add or remove stuff from objects or families with events is a design choice as it simplifies the number of bad situations to work around. Both for C2 itself and for the user.

    If you could, switching factions is one thing you could use it for, but even though it doesn't you can still do switching factions in a different way.

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