How do i make the sprite no smudging?

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  • Like in subject ;).

  • Do you mean that the graphic looks blurred when you preview it on the browser? if so just use chrome or firefox. Chrome is best in my opinion as it doesn't have sound issues.

  • I mean, when i resizing my sprite, it becomes blured. I using Chrome

  • Sprites are either .jpg,.png or some random rarely used image formats. You can't re-size those files without it becoming pixelated. Construct 2 sadly does not support vector graphics (yet).

    The best you can do is to create your game art as vector graphics and export them to .png. In this way you can export the .png in any size you want.

    I hope this is what you wanted to know.

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  • Yea, sure thanks.

  • If you want to know why, it can be explained pretty simple. As an image is build up by pixel.

    So if you imagine having an image 500x500 pixel and you resize it, all the information in the image that it used 500x500 pixel to store before, now need to be stored in lets say 64x64 pixel, so you will loose a lot of details.

    And the same is the other way around, if you use 64x64 pixel to store lets say a picture of a human face, and you resize it to 500x500 pixel, a lot of blur will occur, as it trying to fit very few information into a lot of information. So as a general rule in my opinion, its always best to create your graphic as close to what you need, and in case you cant, or need to resize it, its always best to shrink over enlarge.

  • Are you guys unaware of the options to choose the type of filtering. There are two major options for when pixel based graphics are scaled or rotated. Thats "point" scaling which is no filtering, meaning NOT BLURRY, but pixelated (jaggy), or linear which is filtered=smoother but blurry.

    If you want to have a low res pixel art look choose point, if you want filtered (smooth but blurry) then choose linear.

    Also, to keep things pixel-friendly (non-blury, set the pixel rounding to ON).

    These settings are all in the projects properties under "project settings" and "configuration settings"



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