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  • Hi!

    Some time ago I posted a topic about the size of the sprites the question was: i wanna make my char of a standard "contra"-like game size but being able to zoom in in some moments till I have him, in a full body close up (you see his whole body on screen but really close).

    the suggestion by the people in the forum was to make the character that big from the start and just shrink him in construct. The soft would handle the cache and images properly so it wouldn't lag or anything, just like if the sprites were small from the begining.

    But it's not like that. when I charge the project, save it, and activate the preview it takes a lot of time. sometimes it takes like 30 seconds in any of those actions. Once the preview starts it lags but after some seconds it starts working better till it's perfectly fluid. And when I export it it works terribly bad.

    What's the problem? Should I reimport all the animations again in a much smaller size?

    if I do that, how can I handle those zoomed moments? By havin a separate set with all the animations of the char in a bigger size for later use?

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