How do I get this sprite to show up?

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  • Hi,

    I have a problem with a sprite that won't show up... it is supposed to be created on a non moving layer with two other objects. The two other (small) object show up but the big sprite (320x320) which is exactly the size of the screen) doesn't. Looks like a bug to me, but is there anything special going on with bigger sprites ? Weird because I have other huge sprites (black fade in screens) that show up when I test them.

  • " is there anything special going on with bigger sprites ?"

    did you try reducing the size of the sprite?


    I doubt that's it.

    I don't know how crowded and cluttered your capx is but when I run into a problem I can't easily

    figure out, I open up a fresh capx and recreate the 'problem code' to isolate it, and see if it happens again.


    maybe do a test on a fresh capx?

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  • It would be much easier to help you if you posted a .capx showing the issue.

  • Here you go : ... /Test.capx

    The sprite not showing is 'Cadavre'. So I should see the girl, and her hat next to her, then drag the hat away and discover the note. The hat and the note are fine but the girl won't show up!

  • that all appear when you go to the body using the keyboard and then press the action button which at the bottom center of the screen (click on the character basically)

  • There were many things to look at: ... sible.capx

    First - Cadavre was on a layer with paralax 0,0 but wasn't inside the original viewport (dotted line).

    Second - Cadavre had an animation with two frames, the second being empty and the animationspeed was not set to 0.

    Third - I changed the on touch/tap events to be the top-level events.

  • Waow, LOL

    First, thanks so much! Yeah, for your last point, that was my attemps to make Cadavre appear ahah, you know after half an hour on a problem, you start trying stuf...

  • Yeah, also, I am not crazy and Cadavre was in the viewport, I just happened to move it to try something else... the real problem was the animation. Cheers!

  • BTW I have another question ! While I am searching for evidence on the body, I don't want my touch input to make the character move behind the Cadavre image, is it possible for a sprite to block touch input for other sprites situated on a layer under the first one?

  • You could just add a condition to the movement events - cadavre is not visible..

    Or use :

    system cadavre = 1

    trigger once

    system set group Déplacements2 deactivated

    system cadavre = 0

    trigger once

    system set group Déplacements2 activated

  • Yep, that's what I intended to do just wondered if there was an option. C2 is full of little treasures you never know!

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