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  • Can anyone point me in the direction of a good sprite sheet generator? I'm wanting to tweak some of the colors of my player character in Photoshop and would rather do it over a whole sprite sheet rather than each one separately or through a batch command.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  • This one is pretty good, however, you have to tweak the settings to get it to work optimally for use within Construct 2:


    Steps to use it:

    Drag in the image files to the program, and after that, use the following settings:

    Texture format: png

    Image format: RGBA8888

    Dithering: NearestNeighbor

    Autosize: Checked

    Allow free sizes: checked

    Scale mode: Smooth

    AutoSD: Unchecked

    Algorithm: Basic

    Sort by: Name

    Order: Ascending

    Border padding: 0

    Shape padding: 0

    Inner padding: 0

    Extrude: 0

    Reduce border artifacts: unchecked

    Allow rotation: unchecked

    Trim: unchecked

    Crop: unchecked

    Shape outlines: unchecked

    Enable auto alias: unchecked

    Heuristic mask: unchecked

    Premultiply alpha: unchecked

    Flip PVR: unchecked

    Then do File -> Export Image

    and you're all done.

    Hope that helps,

    -- cacotigon

  • This looks perfect and thanks for taking the time to show me the best settings. I'll give it a shot tonight.

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