Make the sprite react with play movement

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  • alright so i have made 2 gifs and 1 jpeg of a detective walking left, right, and looking straight.

    What i would like to happen is when the player is holding down the left arrow key i simply want the detective walking left animation to play

    when the player clicks the right arrow i would like the player gif to change to the detective walking right.

    When the player has no keys pressed down i would like the gif to change to the jpeg of the detective standing still

    Is this even possible?

  • anyone answer this?

  • yes, you just have to write the event exactly as you described them.

    Also... gifs? c2 only uses png or jpg sequences...

  • I'm struggling a bit with this right now. I have a gif and I just make the animation end, however on keydown W or up arrow setanimation to beginning of walkLeft in my case.

    I ran into an issue of when a user holds both up and left, it's really awkward, no animations happen and the movement is locked awkwardly.

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  • Yann,

    You can directly import gifs by dragging and dropping them into C2. It will parse out the frames.

    Interestingly, it won't do that if you create the sprite first and try to load the gif through the dialogue box.


    Could you share an example of where you are messing up?

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