How do I make a sprite with platform behavior pass though solids?

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  • I have a sprite with platform behavior. I need it to have platform behavior so I can mess with its X and Y vectors. But I need the sprite to be "intangible". It should pass through any other sprites that have the solid behavior. Anyone know how i can achieve that?

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  • You can disable collisions for this sprite.

    If you need collisions for something else (for example, interacting with enemies, bullets), you can pin another (invisible) sprite with enabled collision to it and use it for collision detection.


    Or do it the other way around - remove Platform behavior from this main sprite.

    Add invisible sprite with Platform behavior and disabled collisions.

    Pin your main sprite to the invisible platform sprite.

  • dop2000 I was not aware that you could disable collisions from a sprite... That's what I was looking for! Cool tips with the "selected collisions" too, I'll definitely have a use for that. Thanks!

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