Sprite Overlaps Walls In Layout

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  • In my game I have a jar that the player moves on X axis to catch falling balls, walls on the left and right of the layout. When you move the jar to the far right or left the edge of the jar overlaps the wall.

    I've tried using collision polygon, different physic aspects but can't seem to get this.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


  • Seems fine to me. The bottom stops at the edges. Do you have a screenshot?

  • Thanks blackhornet for the reply.

    Sorry, I put the link to the CAPX after I moved the walls.

    If you could check it out now. I'd like to have the walls just inside of the layout because of the form of the jar, it makes it a bit difficult to get the jar against the edge and catch the balls on mobile.


  • sling balls_BHT.capx

    Since you control the exact X position anyway, just do the math, rather than using collisions/overlaps, etc. I did have to add a bit of fudging, due to the anti-aliasing of the graphics, to make it look snug against the wall.

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  • Wow! Thanks blackhornet, that uh... way over my head, right now.

    What did you mean about the anti-aliasing? Should it be used in C2?

    Very much appreciated on the help, but I see a problem. Because the top of the jar is skinnier at the top there were a few balls that could not be caught. They bounced at a weird angle.

    So, I may have to enlarge the opening of the jar. Since I'm not an artist - time consuming.

    Again thanks for the help.

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