Sprite not rotating upon creation

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  • Hi all, been monkeying around with this and it's fun, overwhelming, and exciting all in one. Thanks to anyone if they can help.


    Made a sample, one sprite is shooting at another sprite. There are two sprites being created to do this, a bullet and a rocket. The bullet "faces" or is "pointed" at the target sprite, no matter where I put the target on the layout.

    The rocket is pretty much launching itself sideways, not pointing once created, however it is angled correctly towards the target.

    Left-click and spacebar will "shoot" either/or in the example, I hope it's clear what I'm referring to.

    If it's a one-click fix, please try to ham up the solution a little bit for me, I do so hate feeling like a complete fool. :)

    Thanks to anyone who tries to help!


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  • Your rocket sprite is facing upwards, while your bullet sprite is facing to the right. You'll need to go to "Edit animations" and rotate the rocket sprite so that it's aligned with the sprite's angle.

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11087850/rocketangle.png" border="0" />

  • ....winner. Thank you very much indeed for your time, Nimtrix, it is greatly appreciated. I knew it would be quick and embarrassing, but it was killing me.

    Thanks! (Thread over!)


  • So easy.. Was searching the forum for the same problem. Thanks

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