Sprite mirroring resetting after resize ?

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  • I'm new to Construct and I am working on a game that kept me awake for the last couple of nights until find out the "problem":

    After I set mirrored to a sprite then resize it, the "set mirrored" property resets to default. Is this supposed to be by design, or what?

    I think the logic way (the way every editing software work) is to keep the previous states of the object and focus on the current one.

    I am really not finding the logic behind most of Construct 2 workflow.


    This is the game I'm working on....to see I have done my homework and is kind of complex algorithm finding the continuity of the pipes. Now I have to make the water flow through the pipes and I want to mirror and flip the animation representing the water (not shown here).


    Is there anyone who can help me a little further making the animation of the water? I can give the capx in private.(but is a biiiiiig mess inside)

    Can I use the pathfinding behaviour by any chance?


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  • To answer your question regarding mirroring, when you mirror a sprite, you're essentially settings it's width to negative. So if you have a sprite with a width of 25, and you set it to mirror, its width is -25. So in your example, your resizing back to un-mirrored dimensions.

  • zatyka Thank you for the info. I was not aware of that.

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