When sprite is mirror the angle mess

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  • This is my recently problem.

    1.I want when the sprite is mirror the 0 degrees gonna be at the red arrow

    2.When it is not mirror it can rotate like i want but when it mirror , just the sprite is mirror so its like it rotate backward ( the sprite)

    I want the angle after rotation can mirror to . Can I do that ?

  • I think for help you'll really need better illustrations. this is very confusing..I don' think it explains what the problem is as well as you think it does.

    Why not take screen grabs so we can see the actual sprite and what is happening etc?

  • As we usually do for rotate event like press Z sprite rotate 90 degrees . When its not mirror, the sprite facing down at 6 o` clock \_____/ but when it mirror /`````\ but i want both mirror and not mirror when press Z di this \_____/.. U should try it... Is it a bug or I need to put something else

    If you wonder what is /`````\ and \_______/ its just like in the picture

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  • I know YOU understand what you're talking about, and therefore your illustrations seem obvious to you.. they likely won't be to anyone else. I suggest you provide a screen recording or screen grabs, or a link to the actual capx. Maybe someone else can help without this, but I can't.

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