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  • Hello again!

    Is there a way to give the same sprite 2 different behaviors? for example if I'm using the same sprite to do the floor section of a map but only want to make one of the "squares" solid could I do that?

    I suppose the easiest way I can put it is, two of the same sprite but one having a behavior and one not ;P


  • yes, this is where picking or filtering the objects come's in

    if you would have 2 same sprites, and say when clicking on sprite

    (this filters the sprite) and then say > sprite behavior disable

    this would work,

    the same thing can be done with object variables,

    add a variable "nr" to sprite and set var to 1 and 2 on the other

    then condition sprite.nr = 1 > sprite behavior solid > disable

    this would also work

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  • Some behaviours allow you to toggle their status to enabled on/off on each instance, in the properties bar. Others, like solid, don't yet (although I believe that functionality is coming to all behaviours, possibly soon).

    Otherwise, if you have a reliable way to detect that sprite's IID, you could create an event System: On start of layout (or whenever); System: Pick [sprite] instance () -> Sprite: Set Solid disabled

  • Thanks for the responses! Helped a bunch!

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