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  • I'm trying to find a method for how these bellow examples have textured the edge of a custom sprite/tileset/etc. Obviously it could be done by manually placing sprites, but this just doesn't seem realistic, it also doesn't explain how the middle sections could be achieved.

    Anybody got any ideas on how this could be done?

    Check out the examples:

    • Airscape
    • Example game

    I know engines such as ubiArt and unity are able to do this using a custom polygon method, but there's nothing like this in construct. And considering the last example is from constructs homepage, you'd think it possible.

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  • It actually very much looks to be hand-placed elements - you can even see the seams in the top example. C2 won't let you neatly stretch and bend polygonal assets - as I understand plain canvas cannot even draw distorted polygons properly.

  • I really wish you could more fancy stuff like texturing a curve.

    Here's how I do it, it's just hand placed elements.

    The middle sections is just a solid colour, so it was easy to fake it by just underlaying a bunch of stretched rectangles. The rocks are also just sprites with 'bundles' of rocks placed manually.

  • Colour me impressed! That's a hell of allot of sprite placement makes allot of sense making them animation frames like you did. Gotta save a fair bit of memory. Though I'm going go with plane ol' tiles with a bunch of set dressing and some effects for my latest game microbe.




    Thanks for the help!

  • hey Sqiddster question how did you do it in the animation because if i remember correctly only sprite animation default 0 is shown on the edit placement. How were you able to be able to control it with ease without looking like a weird painting. I want to know because i want to apply that knowledge in future games.

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