How to make a sprite duplicate itself?

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  • I want to make a sprite that gradually grows and split in 2 after 10 seconds...

    Basically I was planing to do that by changing the scale of the sprite every tick, destroying it after 10 seconds, while at the same time, 2 new sprites spawn and loop the behavior from there. Anyone knows how I could do that?

    The purpose is to make it behave in a similar way than living cells do.


    so far this is what I have to make the behavior

    //this makes it grow

    Every tick:

    Plant: set height to Plant.Height+0.1

    Plant: set width to Plant.Width+0.1

    From here I'm thinking maybe I make it record the size of the height or width and once it gets to a precise number, I make it split in two or something?

    Yeah it took a while but I think I figured most of it out.

    If you are curious to see how it turned out: ... on=updated

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  • Remember that computer number precision can catch the unwary, for instance, if you compare against a float, eg x = 2, it may not work, as the number may actually be 1.9999 recurring.

    Much better would be to compare if a number is greater or lesser than a value, and try to control your values using the built-in expressions, such as Int, Ceiling, Floor, Round etc.

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