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  • Is it a good way for me to make the movie or cut scene in adobe flash then somehow export it as image clips like sprites then import the frames into construct 2 to create a cut scene? or is there a easier way like somehow importing movie files.

  • I've done one with animated gifs. My game Pongageddon on the arcade has a cutscene if you lose in the second stage.

    However, Using gifs are low quality and increase the size of the game file. I had to cut it in half in order to get the size right for the arcade.

    What you can do is upload your video to youtube for your cutscene and then you the broswer plugin for Open URL in new window. I would suggest creating a custom page that has the Youtube video embedded in it and nothing else. This gives you the option to make it autoplay.

    It's easy, just copy the embed code next to the video on the YouTube page, & paste it wherever you plan on embedding the video. Next, erase everything in the embed code that comes before "<embed>" & after "</embed>".

    Once you do that, there should be a url inside the code [that starts with http://] in quotations. Click inside there & in between the last character of the url & the closing quote, type:


    Autoplay is basically a boolean you set to on when its equal to 1.

    Edit: Angry Birds does something similar to this.

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  • Also, if you want to put ads in your game this is a good way to do it if you have a adsense enabled youtube account.

  • Another alternative that's should be viable in the next few weeks is to use Spriter.

    Spriter is an animation engine for sprites. So it uses similar principles of animation that flash would use. Also I believe(don't qoute me) is that Spriter will also offer audio triggers to play sounds.

    So you don't need to make a movie video and gain the benefits of flash like sprite animation.


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