How to make a sprite continuously jumping/hopping

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  • Hi all!

    New to Construct2 here and have been stuck on something that I figure is pretty simple. How can I make my Sprite jump or hop continuously while moving in a platform game?

    I have tried

    Sprite -> Platform is moving ->  Sprite -> Simulate Platform by pressing Jump [/code:thxz2t60]
    (Amongst many other things with no success!)
    but it only keeps jumping if you let off the movement key and press it again. How can I keep it hopping while holding the movement key is down?
    Thanks so much for your help!
  • Have a look at the attached file

    I used


    - platform is on floor


    - platform is moving

    -> Simulate pressing JUMP

    Hope this helps

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  • Yay thank you so much!! That works perfect. I was messing around with making a hop animation for awhile because I couldn't figure it out but this looks so much better. Much appreciated! =)

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