How to make a sprite collision with other sprites?

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  • Allright, i have one simple problem in construct, i making a top down shooter (space) and the miniships is overlapping another, and causing a bad impression of a single ship, i choose the solid behavior, but fallen, i search for tutorials and capx files for examples however i not found. i neeeeed assist...

    details: Miniships (little ships in the deep space, various!)





    Line of sight

  • Umm, could you explain that a bit more detailed?

    Do you simply want the ships to collide?

    Go with the "Physics" behaviour and adjust for your needs.

    Also, please provide a .capx of your project, that makes helping you easier.

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  • Also the problem you are probably having is that, unless I'm mistaken, bullet behavior and the solid behavior don't go very well together. Since the bullet behavior means that the object will only move forward at a specified speed, it can't naturally change it's motion just because it collides/overlaps with another object.

  • i see the answers and the problem persist, a day before i put the Physics behavior to simulate a collision, however fallen, also thought in disponibilize the capx file, but my file is too large, i have maked various game (platform and vertical shooter) and now i making the top down, i think the most way to solve my problem is disponibilize a capx with a collision in top down shooter for i see how it works...

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