How do I have sprite check location of another instance

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  • Is there a way I can have a sprite check if another instance is in a certain position from/near it?

    (This is what I am trying to do, if that helps)

    I am trying to set a sprite so it create another or destroys itself depending on condition.

    You can see the 'A' with the yellow arrow, it can spawn another instance in any of the square around that are green. If more than 2 instances are in the areas in green the sprite is destroyed.

    This works fine with instance variables,EXCEPT it can only recognize a instance it has created.

    Below you can see if the sprite 'A' in the red area creates another instance in the area colored orange, will have no effect on the instance in green, sense it only recognizes instances it has created (the way it is so far).

    Is there a way I can have a instance sprite A check if a another instance of 'A' is at X,Y ?, or am I going about this wrong

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