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  • Have a level editor game (Minecraft-Terraria clone, copy and etc.)

    I used awesome plugin "Sprite bank"

    Everything works cool.

    The problem I have, when I save my blocks, and then load them, new blocks go over old blocks.

    Is there is a way to destroy old block and right after that load new?

    I tried to do like this:

    On Load button pressed - > blocks destroy -> system wait 1 sec -> load blocks

    But this causes mistake and Java error and etc.

    Can somebody know hot to destroy old blocks before new blocks loaded?

  • it shouldn't give a java error, i used spritebank and it should be as simple as destroy and load, i did once get a java error but that was because i changed the variables and my old loadstring wasnt correct anymore,

    maybe if you post the java error i could see what the issue is, maybe it something not related to destoying but the loading process

  • Java script error

    Uncaught type error: cannot read property: runtime or undefined

    http: loccalhost: 5001 / commonace.js line 451

    This either the bug Of Constract 2 or a problem in third party plugin

  • There might be a bug in r103/r103.2 on "destroy" like this.

  • exatly. Is there a chance to avoid this?

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  • tecbug said he found workaround, or this way.

    I had not found the root cause, sorry.

  • Its fine, I got it. I just picked each cubes instead of family group. And it works.


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