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  • I need some help using the sprite bank plugin. I'm new to construct 2 but I do understand the basic functions and plugins. Right now i'm trying to make a game that involves two layouts and when you click space bar button the character sprite changes from layout 1 to layout 2 and clicking space bar again does the same thing.

    But I want the characters to be in the same spot for both layouts (if that makes any sense).

    So basically

    -when the character moves in layout 1, position x and y are saved

    -When you click spacebar, transfer character position x and y to layout 2

    -respawn in layout 2 in same x and y position as layout 1

    -repeat when going from layout 2 to layout 1

    I can't seem to find a way for the layouts to save the position of the character sprites. I did find a plugin called "sprite bank" but i'm a little confused on how it works. Any help is appreciated and if possible could someone provide a capx example of layer changing with x and y values being saved only? I did try the plugin but when i change layers, the old sprite creates multiple copies of itself so maybe i gotta add a destroy action?

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  • Might try making the object global, of course that adds some issues, enough for me to say you might want to rethink the layout switching, for layers perhaps.

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