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  • I'm currently working on a platformer. And the problem is as follows:

    So I'm making my character have a standing, walking, jumping, falling, and looking up animation. Everything seems to work fine at first but when I make the character turn suddenly to the left when walking right, his animation changes to the standing one instead of the running one and glides across the floor unless you stop pressing down on the button. This also happens when holding the up button making the character look up. If you keep the button pressed he stays in the looking up animation even when walking so he looks like if he was gliding across the floor while looking up. Any idea as to why this is happening?

  • Yes, you're missing something inside your code. But discover it without a look is practically impossible.

  • Ok well I'm new to the forums so what should I do to be of better use?

  • One thing nice when asking for help, and you're not sure where you're doing wrong, is share the CAPX file.

    Use dropbox.com for it, it's free.

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  • Ok thank you very much. Here is the capx file.


  • Nevermind problem fixed. Thanks to those who tried to help me.

    Problem was that I had certain even that when a key was released it set the standing animation. Problem with that was that it was not necessary and messed it up.

  • If you follow the platform tutorial you will also find that using the movement of left and right with platform and using the mirror action for your animation, you can get your player to moonwalk if you hold right and tap left while still holding right. Works the other way as well. I still haven't taken time to get this issue resolved, but I may tackle it soon if nobody else has run into it...

  • BluePhaze - I've had that problem as well. Didn't bother trying to fix it (too many other things to work on) but yeah, I'd be interested in a solution if you happen across one :) I'm sure it's just a matter of tracking certain state changes better...

  • BluePhaze

    So far I had no trouble with moonwalking. What platform tutorial did you follow? I used the one written by Velojet for help.

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