Sprite Animation in PathFinding

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  • Hi, I have created a simple sprite animation in Construct2. I got the Sprites from the Bomberman game(Thanks for that). All the sprite animations work fine when I use the 8Direction behavior for the Sprite. I reduced the 8Direction behavior's property "Direction" to 4(I have not set diagonal sprite animations).

    But I'm confused about the sprite animations when using the PathFinding behavior. I need it to function similar to the 8Direction behavior. The path should be calculated without diagonals(Diagonals disabled). In the current project, the sprite just stays in one animation throughout.

    I don't have the necessary points to put URLS(Because of SPAM). So I put "dropbox" at the head of my URLS for the capx file. It's on dropbox. Just put the dropbox URL there.

    This is the file with 8Direction behavior:


    This is the file with PathFinding behavior:


    Appreciate any help.. Thanks a lot!

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