sprite animation doesnt stay in the same spot

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  • in gamemaker i could make the megaman entrance without a dummy object but when it was time to animate him the animations wouldnt stop after release even though the release button was pressed so i switched to this.

    now the EXACT OPPOSITE is happening, all the animations and conditions for the character are $%#^ PERFECT but the dammmmm entrance is not even.

    i notice that by editing the collision mask made him hit the floor better but it's still alittle wonky,im trying to avoid using a dummy object for this.

    ashley's tutorial is perfect for the average platformer where a person isnt dropping from the sky but unfortunately that's my goal for this bootleg megaman engine.


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  • WAIT thats what im trying to do i mean how do i make the platformer setting off when he hits the floor so it wouldnt treat that instance like a solid object?

  • I tried the gravity to 0 thing and it worked so there is no need to use the dummy sprite after all nevermind

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