How do you make a sprite able to use 4 animations?

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  • I have a sprite with 4 animations. I use timers to make it switch animations. It is supposed to go from it's first animation to it's last and then repeat the process infinitly. The problem is that it only goes to it's third animation and stops there for some reason. I have tried the same thing on multiple sprites but the same problem always comes up. So why does it not work?

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  • You use timers, as in timer behaviour?

    You could ofcourse just use an on animation end trigger..

    What is probably happening right now is that you are not using else statements and as such all events trigger after eachother..

    When you want help with something like this adding your events would probably make answering your question a lot easier..

    BTW: Did any of my other answers to any of your questions actually help?

    So many of your topics seem to end in an answer by me or someone else, but no reaction anymore..

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