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  • Does anyone know if its worth the work it take to make 3d sprites is it really a big difference in the game graphics ? Do it really make your game look 3d

  • I dont think anyone can really answer this for you as it depends on your skill or your artists aswell if that that art fits with your game and many other things

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  • Depends on if you are referring to 2d sprites that appear raised due to good shading techniques or sprites made using full blown 3d objects. I would say if your looking for full 3d sprites then use a program like Unity for your game since then you could use actual 3d objects in a 2d view.

    However, like volkiller730 said, it really depends on what fits with your game.

    But to directly answer your question; for the vast majority of games you will make with Construct2, no 3d sprites are too much. Especially if your targeting mobile, what good are 3d sprites without tons of particles and effects...

  • Oh okay I just remember reading somewhere on the forums about 3d sprites with Google sketchup just was trying to see do anyone use them alot in there games

  • do not use google sketch up if you are going to do 3d sprites

  • do not use google sketch up if you are going to do 3d sprites

    I'm not sure if I totally agree with that

    Google Sketchup is great especially if you're designing "blocky" objects, or objects that can be extruded (eg, buildings, trees etc). Using the rotate function, and exporting scenes, you can get some pretty nice results quickly. For me, the beauty of using Sketchup is that you can really design and change the model extremely fast with minimum effort- this might be a plus to you if you're still not sure of your design.

  • The game I am currently creating has a mix of 3D sprites for the inorganic objects and effects, and hand drawn sprites for the organic stuff. It's very much doable and looks good if you know what you want to achieve.

    Personally, I wouldn't do it any other way, but if you are new to 3D or are more comfortable with drawing your own 2D sprites, you may not find it's worth the effort.

    As far as programs go, I've seen amazing results with Sketchup but prepare spend time learning how to use it. Like anything, you aren't just going to get mind-boggling stuff as soon as you install it.

    I haven't touched Blender in a very long time, but I hear it has come a long way since the old cumbersome interface. So that is another option if you go the 3D route.

  • Thanks for the comments tombufa what you got against sketchup I heard its really easy to get into although most 3d developers only swear my 3d max and Maya software Now back to sketchup i mainly wanted too use it for character 3d sprites which will prolly mean ill have to find a 3d animation software or im thinking if its converted into a sprite i can use a 2d animation ill have to play around and see I guess

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