How do I split string into array?

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  • Say for example I have some data that reads:


    I note that each section is divided into 4. So every 4 tokens is a different Name, and the following 3 are details about said person.

    I want to put this data into an array.

    Now, I've found that when I have data such as:


    I can sort this data easily by counting the "|" tokens and using a for-loop.

    For 0 to TokenCount-1

    if loopindex%2 = 0

    How do I do this kind of thing when I have more than 2 columns for my data?

    Sorry if I'm not making much sense :) Please ask and I'll try again to explain :)

  • AnD4D

    When I transfer data back and forth to a database, I use a record delimiter and a field delimiter

    so, I would have something like:


    then have a double loop, first to pull out a record (Bob|25|Male|Tall)

    and then a loop to pull out the fields...

  • Ahhh, ok, I may be able to do something for that! Thanks!

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  • Set array size to (tokencount/4,4,1)

    Repeat tokencount/4 times

    — set array at (loopindex, 0) to tokenat(loopindex*4+0)

    — set array at (loopindex,1) to tokenat(loopindex*4+1)

    — ... and so on for 2 and 3

    Alternatively you can simplify it further

    Set array size to (tokencount/4,4,1)

    Repeat tokencount times

    — set at (int(loopindex/4), loopindex%4) to tokenat(loopindex)

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