How to split a sprite?

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  • Not sure if anybody ever saw the old arcade game Buster Bros. In the game the character shoots up at a balloon and when he hits it, it splits into 2 sprites that are now half the size of the original. I've tried spawning 2 sprites from that position and then destroying the original. It looks messy though. Anybody have an idea?


    my capx is at

  • Well doesn't sound so messy to me

    The 2 small balloons should be 2 instances of the same sprite, so they can act independent.

  • Thanks Pakost

    I've worked on it a bit more and have been stuck the last day or so on why the balls don't act like I want them to. They split, but it seems like if I shoot one ball it makes the other one stop. I haven't been able to determine their erratic behavior. Will keep trying though.

  • Most likely you adress all the balls

    You should make the action like this

    If "bullet" overlaps "Balloon"

    then destroy balloon and spawn 2 new balloons

    if that is one action, then it will take only the balloon that is hit, not the others.

    Not sure but hope it answers your issue


  • I think that is what I've done but when it spawns it sometimes creates 2 balloons that are moving and 1 that is just frozen. I'll keep working on it. Thanks Pakost!

  • If you share the capx I'll try to help

    Just save it as single file

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  • Here you go mate

    Instead of spawning object i used Object Create

    Tested it few times and it works

  • Wow, how simple. I thought I had seen "Create" somewhere but I didn't think to look at the System properties. I won't soon forget that. Your game looks fan-freakin-tastic by the way! Beautiful graphics. Looks very professional. Thanks again Pakost!

  • Happy to help

    I had a hard time too with spawn/create objects

    And thanks for the good words bout the game

  • Hi again Pakost

    Just wanted to say Thanks again for your help. I looked at your website and you have some beautiful game art. Just wanted to let you know though that it was difficult to view in Chrome. Maybe you already know because it's noted that it is in development, but just wanted to give you a heads up.

  • Yup, the site is WIP from over a year. One day ill finish it.

    Now have better things to do - Gamedev :)

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