How do I make a split-screen for VR?

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  • (Im spanish so prepare for awful ortography)

    I want to make a split-screen game for a virtual reality headset for a phone, it uses tilt controls and i want all the game to be duplicated, i tried to duplicate everything, but it didnt worked so well, the players weren´t synchronized... Is there anyway to just make the game cover the left half of the screen and just recreate it with the Canvas plugin on the right side?

  • but like this you will not get any 3D point of view effect. Bring screenshots please. What tipe of game it is? Anyway to make it feel 3D VR is complicated.

  • Yes, i know that i wont have any 3d perspective, its just fun to feel like the screen is... well... on your face, its just a little more inmersive, i want to do, for exaple, something like this: POTATO (erase the "potato" word)

    But without cloning EVERYTHING, because the balls bounce in different directions on the different screens...

    Im not sure if the url works btw, tell me if it doesnt.

  • Oh. Well. There is a thing for ya. I will look for it

  • Can you please pm me your capx. I think it is possible just to copy position of ball and condition of blocks each step to other screen. I can try do it for you. I also remember some plugin which can just copy screen canvas, but not sure will it work on mobiles and perfomance

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  • search for paster plugin, and multiple screen examples with it.

  • Sure! Here it is: (add a "www" before the point)

    Btw, i just cloned everything, it did not worked so well, so the game always takes the position ang angle of the left ball, and gives that propieties to the right ball, same with the position of the paddle.

    (im just 1 year on C2 so please dont expect too much)


    Thanks for sharing this. I'm glad to know how to split screen my VR Headset.

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