How do I split a file?

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  • Hi, I'm still new to Construct 2. I'm trying to make "a game/book/graphic novel", which has a lot of image data and it is splitted into the chapters. I'd like to publish it for free on the website, so I export it for websites in JavaScript. At first I thought it could be a one big file, however the images are too big (I'd like to have the best quality as possible) and there is a lot of them. So it would load for too long and... soon, there would be a mess inside it (There are 15 chapters and I'm still considering interactive dialogues).

    Well, I decided to split it into 15 files and connect them together through a link to another page (I know basic HTML...), but the Go to the URL function doesn't work. And I have no idea why, I guess it is beacause my internet browser doesn't want to open page through JavaScript, because it might have be some virus.

    I'm not a game programmer, I'm student of visual art (and actually a book binder, so I know how to sew a real book) and I'm trying to make something new and annoy my old teachers - they say games are for kids and it is no art (and never possibly could be).

    Do you have any idea? Please help.

    Thank you and sorry for my english.

  • Could we see a capx?

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  • I don't have any now. I have a few test versions to see how it works, but it is not something I could illustrate my problem with

    . This is more theoretical question. Should I keep it in a single file or should I split it into more files and link them together with URL?

    And why this function doesn't work (as much as I know, it is used well, it is a problem with browser - Google Chrome -, I tried to open it with different pc and different browser and it worked, it works on my android too). I can send it, but I'm not sure if it would be any useful.

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