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  • I'v tryed to make a splattering blood effect in which once the bullet collides with the enemy the blood splatters around the enemy landing on objects in the map. I have seen some examples on the forums where it has been done but i'm not quite sure how they did it. For my game I want it to be top view and a bit gorey.

    I want an effect similar to boxhead, but with blood splattering across the map after a zombie dies. Heres a video if you don't know what it is:


    I want the splattering effect to look like something similar to this:


    Here's what i'v tryed so far using someone else's capx file to atleast try and imitate the a blood effect but ofcourse it didnt work. I was wondering if anyone could edit the capx file and make the blood from the tank splatter around the map.

    Try to ignore the tank and the awkward missle.. I'm well aware tanks don't bleed

    Link to the capx file:


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  • First ... Make a layout just behind the layout that contains your enemies

    but in front of the layer that contains the Background

    • On "ZombieObject" Destroyed

    -- Spawn "Blood" : "BloodLayerID"

    That's it !

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