How do I make a SPLASH screen for a large Steam game?

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  • I will be releasing Sand is the Soul in the near future on Steam and have been fighting with the Splash issue for some time. Maybe someone here has a viable solution? The splash is imperative in my case-on slower hdd's the unpacking of package.nw takes a while and many players will probably take this as the games fault/lockup. Obviously unpacking the package.nw would help, but then all the assets would be in the plain open:/

    Already have my game in Steam and tried these options:

    -enigma virtual box: boots the C2 loader at once, however Steam does not like it at all. Game stutters and has constant fps drops, outside of steam is smooth as silk

    -various combinations of the loader layout setting. It seems it only loads after the package.nw is unpacked.

    -latest solution: I created a batch file (I'll most likely be sharing it here, since it could prove usefull for non Steam projects) to first run a nwjs export with a splash screen and the main game export. On main project loaded all instances of the nwjs splash are killed and all would be well, if not for the fact that the Steam overlay doesn't work with this solution After the batch is killed, the game is not recognised as running in Steam. Tried this with adding /wait in the batch, this keeps the batch alive in the backround whilst the game is active- achievements unlock, but the overlay is not visible and cannot be brought up, take screenshots. So this soltuon is also far from ideal :/


    Anybody here have experience with larger C2 projects on Steam and found a workaround or solutions to this issue?

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