How do I use splash screen during game loading?

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  • How can i display splash screen instead of loader style (progress bar and logo) ?

    The splash from intel xdk disappear quickly and then loader bar appear, during this time i need only splash screen to be shown on screen.


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  • This is covered in the tutorials. ... ng-screens

  • so how can i disable intel xdk splash if i plan to use custom loader screen in C2 ? just not giving it a splash file or what?

    Thanks for your help.

  • i found this on the page you mentioned :-

    "Note a few limitations on using loader layouts:

    1. Loader layouts are not shown when publishing as native apps on mobile (e.g. via PhoneGap, CocoonJS and appMobi). This is because the entire application is downloaded at once. Since all files are immediately available, nothing needs to be downloaded. For these platforms you probably want to focus on a custom splash image instead."

    so what about intel xdk ?!

  • Egyptoon the tutorial is older and hasnt been updated. appmobi has become the XDK. it makes it a native app and therefor the above statement of not needing to be downloaded is true

  • volkiller730 Thanks for reply, can you please tell me the exact process ?

    if i want a splash screen display during loading shall i make a custom loader layout with splash image, and not to use splash inside Intel XDK ?

    For now when i start my game > splash added to Intel XDK appear for 1 or 2 secs, then a loader with blue loading bar appear for about 5 secs.

    What i need is to display splash only during all the loading time.

  • Same problem here. I am following tutorials with no result, and it seems there is a lot of confusion around this theme.

    I managed to make a custom splash screen with my logo and my loading bar... but using Intel XDK the Counstruct 2 logo and loading bar will always appear.

    As far as I can remember, all the Construct 2 games for Android I have tried have the C2 logo at the beginning. Anyone managed to avoid it?

  • Loader layout works normally with XDK.

    In C2, turn on Use loader layout, specify the First layout and set Loader style to Nothing.

    In XDK, turn off Splashscreen.

  • Just tested it and it works, thank you!

    However, the best scenario would be to see our loader layour at the beginning instead of a black screen.

  • thanks for help

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